Tuesday, April 13, 2010

April Meeting, Rising Sun Show and May Joint Meeting With Indy

Well, it has been a few months since the last post.  Our club has undergone some major changes.  We are now a guild which was announced earlier.  Now we have become a member of the Kennedy Heights Art Center which will allow us some great advantages and opportunities.  This will be our new home for most meetings and also our annual November show will be held there this year. There is a great deal of excitement about the direction the guild is going.

Now on to the business at hand.  Here is the information for our next meeting.

Time, once again, for the monthly meeting.

Date: April 17, 2010
Place: Kennedy Heights Art Center
             6546 Montgomery Rd.
            Cincinnati, OH

Time: 10:00AM

Agenda:       1. Old Business
                                 Guest Teacher - we need to finalize the date and how we want to proceed with                                         this.

                   2. Treasurer's Report

May meeting with the Indy Group - Sign-up and reservations ( I will be sending a                                     separate e-mail with the details)
                   4. Report on Rising Sun Quiltfest

                    5. Cincinnati Quilt Expo in June

                   6. Show & Tell

                    Lunch Break

                   7. Creative Session - Katie Storer will be demmonstrating and teaching beading techniques. Bring your own supplies (needles, beads, thread, etc) or we will have a supply of materials available.

Rising Sun Quiltfest Show

This year was the guilds first time showing in the Rising Sun Indiana Quiltfest show held at the Grand Victoria Casino.  It was an interesting venue to say the least.  I for one loved the buffet.  THe club at least made their booth fee and a little more.  So, it was worth giving it a go.  We shall evaluate our experience and see if it warrants a return next year. Below are some picture provided by guild member Robbie Porter.  Whom by the way won 1st and 2nd place for her art quilts.  Way to go Robbie!

Robbie Porters work

Judy Witts dolls

Dolls by Liz Marten

Dolls by Cody Goodin

dolls by Stephen Rausch

For guild members here is the information regarding our May joint meeting with the Indy doll club.

This is our year to host. Next year Indy will host and they will choose the Challenge for 2011
This years challenge is a doll inspired by an herb.
You can sign-up at the April Meeting or send an email to Judy  (    ) to make your reservation. Cost $17.30/person.

The Attached file has all the info.

Bring a gift bag if you want. This is optional.
We do a pin exchange-bring a pin/get a pin-this is optional.
Bring Show and Tell dolls.
Usually people just get a carpool together and go as a group.

Joint Meeting with Indy

Date: May 15th 2010
Location: Stream Cliff Herb Farm
               The Meeting Room
Time: 12:30-3:30 PM

Stream Cliff Inn: 812-346-5859

Minimum 15 people required
No smoking or alcohol allowed

2 lunch options
  • Dill and Rosemary Chicken Salad served on a fresh baked croissant, Birdseed Pasta Salad, Pita Chips and Fresh Fruit
  • Pork BBQ served on fresh focaccia bread, Dill Slaw, Pita Chips and Fresh Fruit.

Both meals include Lemon Layer desert. Plus a drink of either Mint Iced Tea or Lemon Verbena Lemonade

Cost: $17.30/person. Includes lunch/desert/drink/tax/gratuity

A guaranteed headcount must be given 5 days before the event. This number may increase up to 24 hours prior to the function but may not decrease. We will be charged for the guaranteed number even if the group is less the day of the event.

Cancellation: Advance notification is required to cancel lunch order. Once the lunch order is placed there will be no refunds.

What to bring (all optional)
Challenge doll- this year the challenge is a doll inspired by an Herb
Gift bag
Pin doll exchange-bring one/get one
Show and Tell

That's it for this month.  Hope your April is awesome.