Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wow! What fun.

Wow!  What a fun time had by all at the joint meeting of the Gilded Lilies of Columbus and the RiverCity Figurative Artists' Guild of Cincinnati.  The project of the day was to create a little hand puppet designed by Dot Llewelyn called a Hot Cootie Monster.  Here you can see the big table full of all sorts of stuff to create from.  Dot guided us on the few steps needed to create a fun little creature.  Mine is shown at the bottom of the post.  Our sisters from the north treated us with a sumptuous feast and such warmth and friendship.  One of our newest members was in attendance too.  Cassandra Graham from the Waynesville area was there with her new dolls.  She is a relatively new doll maker.  Cassandra is known for her awesome beaded art pieces that you wear.  Jewelery, but these are truly art wear.

Also, we were delighted to meet Troy Ohio native Kevin Buntin who is a well known fantasy art doll maker. His work is amazing and very detailed.  He may even be enticed to be a member of our humble guild.  Kevin is such a warm and fun guy.  He brought one of his large sculptures to share and show with the group.  It is shown later in the post.  All in all it was a fun day  Thank you Lilies for a grand time.  I wish there were more of us from Cincy, but at least those of us there had a great time.

Dolls by members of the Gilded Lilies.  You can see my pumpkin scarecrow peeking out from behind.

Sorry, I don't remember who made all the dolls, as it was such a whirlwind kind of day.  My memory is shaky these days.  But, a cool mad hatter doll by a Gilded Lily member.

Another Lily members' doll based on the color yellow for a color challenge.

Kevin's' valley strider figure.  Really cool how he made the little village that sits on the giants shoulders.

A cool witch doctor doll made by a Lily attending Adele Scorintino's class at the Doll Gathering event.

Cassandra's dolls she made while and after attending a workshop given by Kevin Buntin.  Yes, she is now hooked on making dolls.

Lastly we have my humble "Hot Cootie Monster"  I made during the workshop.  See what fun we had?  Don't you wish you could have been there?  I thought so, next time you can join us.  It will be hosted by the Cincinnati guild next year.  Next up for us is our annual show and sale at the Kennedy Heights art center in November.  Stay tuned for that folks.  Until we post again have an awesome creative time.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

September Joint Meeting with the Gilded Lilies

For the members of Rivercity who are interested in going to Columbus for the joint meeting with the Lilies the information is listed below.  You will need to arrange your own transportation or get other members to car pool. Here is what Dot has to say about the meeting.

The joint meeting for the Rivercity & the Guilded Lilies will be on
September 25th at the Westland Library in Columbus Ohio.  Westland
Library is at 4749 W. Broad St.  Columbus Ohio 43228.

We will be gathering there at 10 am with our general meeting
beginning around 10:30 am.  We will be having a buffet style lunch
there at the library & have a mini class in the afternoon.  The class
will be called "Hot Cootie Monsters" which is a sort of Softie/Ugli
monster type of doll.  I, Dot Lewallen, will be teaching this class.
The only thing your members need to bring is a sewing kit consisting
of needles, thread, pins.  We will furnish all other items for the

I hope we can have a nice showing this year.  See ya there.