Saturday, September 11, 2010

September Joint Meeting with the Gilded Lilies

For the members of Rivercity who are interested in going to Columbus for the joint meeting with the Lilies the information is listed below.  You will need to arrange your own transportation or get other members to car pool. Here is what Dot has to say about the meeting.

The joint meeting for the Rivercity & the Guilded Lilies will be on
September 25th at the Westland Library in Columbus Ohio.  Westland
Library is at 4749 W. Broad St.  Columbus Ohio 43228.

We will be gathering there at 10 am with our general meeting
beginning around 10:30 am.  We will be having a buffet style lunch
there at the library & have a mini class in the afternoon.  The class
will be called "Hot Cootie Monsters" which is a sort of Softie/Ugli
monster type of doll.  I, Dot Lewallen, will be teaching this class.
The only thing your members need to bring is a sewing kit consisting
of needles, thread, pins.  We will furnish all other items for the

I hope we can have a nice showing this year.  See ya there.

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