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May - July 2010 Guild Updates

May, June and July Guild Update is finally underway! I will report our activities backwards so that the most current is at the top of the blog/newsletter. Please note that items in red ink will not appear in the blog. Thank you.

Unless otherwise noted, our meetings now start at 11 AM at the Kennedy Heights Art Center (KHAC) in their second floor conference room.

Stephen Rausch's display at the Sharonville 6/2010 show.
New ODACA Member
Congratulations to RCFA Board Member, Stephen Rausch, on becoming an ODACA Artist. Stephen reports that
"The ODACA members are all great and very friendly. They all gave me a very warm and enthusiastic newest piece, The Venetian Maskmaker, was purchased by the Quinlan Museum in Santa Barbara, was a very rewarding weekend." 
Again, we congratulate Stephen on this awesome achievement!
July Meeting 
Welcome back Cody! We were happy to see his smiling face after his health trials of the last couple of months. Unfortunately, we have two more health concerns. Carla and Deb, you are both in our thoughts and prayers.
Education Committee Report  Cindee Moyer Workshop,"Weighing the Possibilities" (scheduled for Saturday August 21st and Sunday August 22nd) is in the final planning stages. As of July 17 Deb reported 28 total registration. There is an imbalance in the number of student scheduled, so several members have volunteered to move their class dates to Sunday to even out the class sizes. Five RCFA members are planning on attending both class days – one to learn and the other to work the event.

We are all excited to meet Cindee. Everything Deb has told us about her contact with this talented lady shows her to be quite a wonderful person. To see more of Cindee’s work, please check her dolls out on the web: and Thanks to Deb for all her hard work in planning this event.

Please keep your eyes open for future emails from Deb regarding further class information.

August 07, 2010 02:00 PM Freedom Center Collage Quilt Class:  Please join RFCA member, Carole Staples, an award-winning textile and fiber artist showcased in the Textural Rhythms exhibition, and learn collage quilting techniques and gain invaluable one-on-one guidance from a master quiltmaker and artist. Cost of the workshop is $20. All materials are included in the cost of the workshop, which should last about an hour and a half. Seating is very limited, so reservations are required. First 10 reservations accepted.        513-333-7705.

Other Education Events:  Carole Staples is checking into the fabric dying event with local fiber artist. This is an outdoor class and Carole is trying to get it on the books for September/October.  We are also checking into a class with a polymer clay artist. So far we have received one suggested name from Cody Goodin.

Elizabeth Marten dolls/Robbie Porter quilt.
November 2010 Gallery Show 
Postcards - Deb Wallace unveiled the postcards designed by member (and graphic artist), Anne Huddleston. It is amazing - and received high praise from everyone present. I wish we had a version of the postcard right now that could be shown here. So far we do not. As soon as it is available, it will be added to the site. Guild Challenge - The guild challenge this year is a "self-portrait" doll. This can be how you see yourself in reality...or who you would like to be...or who you are in your little imaginary world. Cody Goodin announced that Plaza Art has agreed to award a gift certificate to the "Viewers Choice Award" winning artist this year. We thank Plaza Art for this generous offer!

Door Prize - Patrons returning their postcard will be eligible for a door prize drawing. If they do not wish to give up their post card, they must complete an address form at the show to be eligible to enter the drawing.

Publicity Committee - at this point the "wheels seem to have fallen off" the committee's forward motion. We need VOLUNTEERS for this committee. Please contact the Board and/or Deb regarding your ability/willingness to help.

Make and Take projects in progress!

Sharonville Show Wrap-Up
We did a brisk business with the Make and Take table. Several of the showing artists had successful sales. I was impressed by how relaxed everyone seemed to be as we started tearing down the booth. I think that says much about the success of the show itself. Thanks to Stephen for his hard work and kind words/thanks for the help of our members. Nicely done!

Robbie Porter and Marlene Jensch, Sharonville Quilt Show, June, 2010.
Kennedy Heights Art Center (KHAC)
This is a reminder for members to sign up and VOLUNTEER to work in the KHAC gift shop as soon as possible. Thanks to Sharon, Deb and Katie for working during the month of July. Please remember, we agreed to volunteer in the gift shop once a month in order to have the use of the conference room for meetings and also for the privilege of using this lovely facility as our gallery space for our annual shows. Also, please let the Board know when you are scheduled to work in the gift shop.

Herb Farm joint meeting - log cabin meeting room!
Joint Meeting with the Indy Doll Club

We had a very successful joint meeting with the Indy group again at the Steam Cliff Herb Farm. The challenge doll this year, issued by Robbie Porter last year was to make a doll based inspired by an “herb”. Please check out our blog to view these amazing items.

The Indy Doll Club issued next year’s challenge which is to make a doll based on an American Astrological sign (as opposed to the Chinese signs). There were no other rules in place…so please interpret this challenge as you wish.
Herb challenge:  Rosemary and Thyme
Herb challenge:  Lilly of the Valley
Herb challenge doll by Elizabeth Marten.
Show and Tell - found by E. Marten while on vacation in Louisianna.

Herb challenge dolls by Kathy Garnar.

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