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March 2012 Meeting - Kennedy Heights Art Center

As usual, we invite you to check out our Events Page to see what we will be doing this year.  We have many exciting things planned for 2012 and hope that those of you viewing this page will click on the Events button above to see if there is anything that we are planning that looks exciting to you.  If so, please email me at  I check this mailbox several times a week and will respond as quickly as possible. 

Show and Tell

We start with Anne Huddleston who brought a selection of her Twirly Tails dragons.  Some of them wear eyeglasses and some can hold money in their mouths.  They are all quite adorable and have great personalities.

On the left you will see 
Robbie Porter's newest fairy. She does intensive sewing machine embellishing on the wings and skirt (leaves).
Robbie also made "Celeste", which is a free pattern you can find on Dollmaker's Journey.  Look below to the Feb 2012 blog to see another version of this interesting pattern.

Robbie made a cloth journal to hold small ATC's, art quilts and Zentangles.  The journal is filled with clear page protectors, in which she will store small, flat works-of-art.  Both Robbie and Carol Lang are members of a local contemporary quilt group, (CQAFA), in which this project was born.  Carol's version of this project can be seen in the February 2012 blog entry below.
Isn't Carole Staples new piece marvelous?  She used a polymer clay face from Cody Goodin along with scrapbook papers, an armature made from a clothes hanger, and various "steampunk" style items to accessorize this amazing piece.  For those of you who know her work, Carole is showing a great willingness to step outside her comfort zone and try new things. 
 Again, Carole has used polymer clay faces, and made cloth bodies which she covered in paper clay.  After painting the body, it reminds me of leather.  She uses her signature style to dress these little ladies!

Make It/Take It Challenge Winners

We thank Liz Marten for thinking of us as she works to recover from a back injury to design one of two Make It/Take It projects for 2012.  Using covered buttons we have left over from previous projects, she made a darling little flower person who can serve as a pin doll, or be sewn onto a cloth headband.  This is a very timely (and fashionable) item for 2012. 
We also thank Holly Alder for her entry - a cloth doll that can be made into a necklace or pin.  This original piece was inspired by Sherrill Kahn's painted projects. We felt it would be advisable to have a second MI/TI project for the September Sharonville show since many of the same guests visit both shows.  This will give them an opportunity to walk away with a seond art project created at our table.  Thanks to both ladies for these wonderful ideas.
ATC/ACEO Challenge

Kathy Garnar made three wonderful cloth ATC's for this challenge.  Here we have a cloth face ATC which has been embellished with various fabrics.  The red ATC has a 3-D body with a button head (which looks like a Greek coin). 

Below, Kathy made the black and white ATC with feathers and beads...simple yet elegant.  Well done Kathy!

Carole Staples also found a pattern on line for ATC envelopes that will allow a 3-D ATC to be slipped inside.  I'm sorry that I cannot remember the website from which she found this piece.  I suggest trying to search on ATC envelope patterns to see what you can find. 

On the right, Carole made 3D ATC's consisting of handdrawn faces on top of cards covered by very interesting fabrics.  I hope you can tell that the faces are raised up off of the card, allowing for interesting shadows. 
 On the left you see one of Carole's completed ATC envelopes and her third and final ATC.  Aren't they wonderful?

Even though the challenge is over, we would be happy to have latecomers make ATC's at future meetings.

 Katie Storer made several ATC's - using black cardstock painted with metallic watercolor paints.  On the left, you see the back of the card, which has been bordered with a Zentangle pattern.  Katie will fill in her personal information as a "signature" for her piece.  Please note, many artists adhere their business cards instead of designing both sides of their cards.  Either is quite acceptable.

This frame shows two watercolor ATC's painted with techniques learned from Dion Dior in a Derwent Inktense watercolor pencil class that is currently being taught on-line through  Katie finds watercolor pencils a natural companion to Zentangling and is having a great time with this class.  To see the backs of these ATC's, please check out her blog on Saturday, March 24th.  She will have more work from this class posted by that date.  The link is:

Guild members, if you did not get your February meeting notes via email, please let Katie know so that she can send them to you.  Thanks and we hope to see all of you, and any interested guests at our April meeting.   

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