Sunday, August 26, 2012

August 2012 Joint Meeting with Gilded Lilies

This amazing event is now history.  As promised, I am finally trying to get caught up on my posting to the blog.  Thanks to Cody and Sue for helping in the last few weeks.  This will be a short blog entry to try and catch you up on what we've been doing over the last few months.  Due to technical difficulties, most of the photos will be posted either later in the week or over Labor Day Weekend.  (If it helps, I have SO MANY photos to post that my 2 GB flash drive wouldn't hold them all - along with battery issues in my laptop...).

Dolls by Judy Skeel - from a class she took by Natalie Hamade.

What have we been up to?  Hmmm... let's start with the most recent things and work backwards.  Yesterday was the joint meeting between the Guilded Lilies and the RCFA.  The Lilies are wonderful, hospitable, talented and treasured friends.  We always enjoy the time we spend with them.  If you want to see a plan of the meeting, please check our Events page under the August Events.  It lays out the details of the meeting and was a truly wonderful experience.  The Lilies are planning a class by Natalie Hamade in early October.  If this is a class you might be interested in attending, please get in touch with them.  If I can get the time off work, I plan on taking the class myself!

Cody Goodin talking about a special project he is making.

Cynthia discussed her wonderful painted/dyed apron.

Show and Tell was a marvelous event.  Although I took these photos with a wonderful new I-PAD 3, I'm still learning how to  use the multiple-focusing features.  I apologize for blurry parts of the images...they are human error, not equipment error, believe me!  Also, I cannot remember names, so if you do not see a photo label below, it is because I cannot remember the names of these remarkable ladies (sorry - all the art work was fabulous!) 
Cyndy Seiving showing a hand-built doll - the process is fascinating.

Kathy Garnar made a cat doll from gourds.  She hand painted the birds on the body of the cat. 

Jody Miller's class on making shoes for dolls was very well done.  Please note the standing leg in the next photo!

After lunch we had several demonstrations.  The first I attended was by Jody Miller. She showed us how she likes to make shoes using a technique developed by Ute Vasina (I hope Ute is the correct person?).  Anyway, all the workshops were well conceived and demonstrated.  I thank the Lilies for their willingness to share their knowledge with us.  I  have more images for you as soon as I master my technology.

Also, thanks to Cyndy for information about the 2012 AFIC (Artistic Figures in Cloth and Clay).  The teachers and projects are better than ever.  If you are thinking about attending, I highly encourage you to do so.  This is a marvelous educational opportunity.  If you cannot afford the classes, remember they give scholarships to folks who otherwise could not attend.  Check out this website on September 1, 2012 for all the information and amazing photos (use the link above to get to the site on the 1st).  I already know what classes I want to take.  Now, if my house and car will quit messing with my budget, I may actually be able to attend ALL the events.

In the very near future (the next seven days), I will tell you about our wonderful meeting with the Indy Dollmakers (in Batesville Indiana), as well as how our members did in the Ohio State Fair art doll competition.  Additionally, my face drawing class, the Sharonville show in June, and much more.  Thanks for stopping by.  If you want to be automatically notified when the blog is updated, please add your name to the list (part way down in the right hand column of the home page). 

Happy Labor Day everyone!

We are leaving you with a look at the charity dolls made by the Guilded Lilies.  What a loving way to help children in need.

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